Eve Pickett has cultivated an impressive 25 years of business and operational management expertise in various industries, countries, and modalities. For the past six years, she has excelled as the Business Development & Operations Manager at Account Sense. Eve oversees the firm's day-to-day operations and administration, including strategic planning, finance, accounting, information technology, and human resources. Often serving as the initial point of contact for new and potential clients, she ensures a seamless integration and a warm introduction, fostering a beneficial relationship from the start. As the practical implementer of Jen's visionary leadership, Eve is pivotal in guiding and supporting our exceptional team.

Eve's professional path began in a veterinary practice during her undergraduate studies at the University of Alaska. While her initial aspiration was to become a veterinarian, she soon discovered a deeper passion for the business management side of veterinary medicine. This revelation marked the start of a rewarding career, including roles as an area manager for one of the UK's largest veterinary groups and positions in veterinary recruitment and pharmaceutical sales in New Zealand. After more than a decade abroad, Eve returned to the US in 2013 and transitioned to human medical practice management. When the dermatologist she worked for invented a new medical device requiring FDA approval, Eve was named COO and entrusted with managing the approval process and the company. In this role, she was responsible for business operations and quality assurance, developing a quality management system and navigating the FDA's de novo process. Eve likes to joke that when working with the FDA became too onerous, she decided to work with the IRS. When Eve found Account Sense, she leapt at the opportunity to work in the accounting profession.

Since the age of 11, Eve has been volunteering at wildlife sanctuaries and rescues. Her passion for animal welfare led her to make substantial contributions to several organizations worldwide, including Best Friend's Animal Rescue (AK), Friends of Pets (UK), AARC Wildlife Trust (NZ), Tauranga SPCA board member (NZ), and most recently, fosterer for Benton-Franklin Humane Society (WA). Beyond her professional and volunteer commitments, Eve enjoys a variety of hobbies, including reading, fishing, pickleball, and exploring the great outdoors. Eve and her husband share their Tri-Cities, WA, home with their "foster fail" cats, Sammy and Nikita.