“A few years ago, we decided to outsource our accounting needs. We interviewed three accounting firms, including Account Sense. Each one explained what their firm could do for Hillspring Church to meet those needs. At the end of the presentations, it was very clear what firm we would trust with our finances.

It was not an overnight transition. Account Sense took whatever time was necessary to have a clear understanding of how we operated and worked hard to honor the needs of our nonprofit. At no time did they dismiss anything that we previously used to meet our needs. They updated us immediately with any new tax laws and were invaluable in advising us on the Payroll Protection Program and Employee Retention Credits. The accessibility they offer their clients is topnotch.

In addition to the excellent service we have received over the last few years, the biggest positive and most valued is the knowledgeable staff and their ability to assist in a very prompt manner. From day one, the Account Sense team was genuine about welcoming us into their family. Even during the early days of the pandemic, when Zoom was our method of communicating, we spent a few minutes before each meeting updating each other on what was going on in our own life.

For the above reasons, and so many more, our decision to hire Account Sense as our accounting firm has been a blessing. We have total trust in all aspects of their knowledge and confidentiality and highly recommend them.”

Peggy Zumhofe, Executive Pastor - Hillspring Church

“My company has used Account Sense for several years now. They handle my business taxes and personal taxes, payroll, and all my many questions!  Very professional and knowledgeable team. They have provided support and guidance in helping me build a strong foundation learning Quickbooks and do an excellent job of keeping me on track.  I would not hesitate to recommend Account Sense and their services to anyone.”

Christine - Responding to Autism

“I have enjoyed working with Account Sense on many different levels over multiple years.  They handle all of my bookkeeping needs from payroll, payroll taxes all the way down to paying the bills.  The part I love the most is that the whole team is in contact with each other.  Any adjustments that need to be made for paying taxes a call is made.  If you are a proactive person this is the place for you.”

Karla Melior, Owner - Innovative Mortgage

“Account Sense has been incredible meeting our needs from day one of our business opening to years down the road; they have grown in meeting our needs as our business has expanded and increased. Everything from day-to-day bookkeeping, payroll and state taxes to complex tax planning, expenses and auditing has been handled by their team with success. It’s reassuring to know that all we have to do is turn the “tax stuff” over to their team and they handle it so we can spend our time focusing solely on what we do best in our business instead.”


“I give the folks at Account Sense two thumbs way up!!  They make my business life so much more simple!  I’ve been helping people buy and sell their homes for about 20 years now and I know I’ve got a great team of experts handling my financials so I can concentrate on taking care of my clients!  Taxes, accounting, payroll… they do it all which means I don’t have to.  And, I love it that they are very approachable and available to answer all my questions. Thanks Account Sense… let’s keep it going for another 20 years!!”

Scott M. Anderson, Real Estate Agent - HomeSmart Elite Brokers

“Our company has worked with Account Sense PLLC in a large variety of ways including QuickBooks, payroll, retirement, logistics and health care setup. These guys have been awesome keeping our company up to date and on time in the real world of business. Thanks you guys for your great support. 🙂"


“I am so grateful for Account Sense! They take a huge stressor of my business off my plate. I love what I do for a living, but there’s a part of my business that I have always really despised and even felt intimidated by at times. Things like payroll reporting, QuickBooks, state tax reporting, general bookkeeping overall. As my own business increased and succeeded there was always a struggle for time. I’ve had Account Sense taking care of all things payroll, auditing, reconciling, tax reporting, bill paying, etc and it frees so much more of my time up for my business, my family, my clients and myself. When you don’t like to do something or if you’re not good at a particular piece of your business, I firmly believe you find the people who thrive and excel in that area and ask for help. I’ve only ever been thrilled with Jennifer and her entire team. They are knowledgeable, helpful and advocate for me and my business. Their communication is impeccable and I so appreciate the time they spend to analyze the changes in my business year to year so we can pivot when necessary and always have a plan moving forward.”

Monica C. Brown - Sotheby's International Realty

“I began using Account Sense shortly after beginning my business in 2010 When I began my business I was clueless about how to file business taxes, and was keeping our daily sales in a spiral bound notebook. I met with Jennifer and immediately knew we were in good hands. She set up a time for me to meet with a bookkeeper so they could show me the basics on Quickbooks of how to enter my daily sales, enter charges, and reconcile my books. While I know I could pass that on to Account Sense I'm a bit of a control freak and like to do it myself, though eventually I know I will turn that over to the bookkeeping team at Account Sense when I'm ready to step back some from that side of the business. Besides that, Account Sense's team does all the rest for me including QuickBooks support, audit representation, and state tax reporting. They file my monthly, Quarterly, and Annual reports as well as scheduling the payments and letting me know when they will be coming out of my account. They also help me with my books when I am unsure of how to enter something, or when I mess things up in there (thanks Karissa & Omar!). They are always quick to respond to my emails or phone calls, and the security that I have knowing that they are staying on top of that end of my business has been such a relief to me as a small business owner. During Covid they were extremely helpful in guiding me through the difficult process of grants, loans, and credits. Without them we surely would not have come through that difficult time as well as we have. They also have helped us navigate through the new taxes as they arise, and send me reminders when I forget something. I recommend Account Sense to all my small business associates!”

Megan Savely - Frost Me Sweet

"We have been doing business with Account Sense for 3 years now. Since the beginning they have been amazing to work with. The accounting team is responsive, knowledgeable, and quick to answer any questions I may have regarding my business, taxes and more. 

The Account Sense Team serves our business on a daily basis. From payroll, bookkeeping, monthly/ yearly taxes and much more. With Account Sense's help, our business would not thrive as much as it does. I never have to worry about anything with the services we are provided by their team. They save us a lot of time, stress, and allow us to focus on growing our business. 

We do not have any complaints whatsoever with our experience working with Account Sense. They are truly a blessing for us personally and professionally. 

Their team is very kind and professional. One thing that stands out to us, aside from the business aspect; they send us cards for the holidays every year and when they found out that a family member had passed, we received a card in the mail. This showed us that they not only care about our business needs but also care about our personal lives and we are very grateful for that. 

We greatly appreciate the Account Sense Team and the services they provide us. We are very pleased to work with them. 

Thank you & God Bless!"

Jewel Prantle - Sash Weddings