Turning Over a New Leaf: Greenworks Landscaping's Financial Transformation with Account Sense

In conversation with Manny Gutierrez, Jr., the dynamic force behind Greenworks Landscaping, we unfold a transformative collaboration that brought clarity and accelerated growth to his business.

the challenge

Greenworks Landscaping faced a conundrum familiar to many growing businesses: the need for more attentive, insightful, and strategic financial management. Manny expressed frustration with the lack of attention and actionable information from his previous accountants, which hampered the company's growth. He needed a firm that understood the ins and outs of his business, communicated transparently, and provide tailor-made financial steering to sustain and support Greenworks Landscaping's expanding operations.

the solution

“We started by examining our previous accounting methods and financial state, which I hadn't fully grasped previously. Account Sense was deliberate in establishing a relationship based on trust and clear communication. They explained my financials in understandable terms, indicating our business's standing and future growth strategies. The focus on ongoing relationship building was pivotal in successfully establishing our partnership.”

After a thorough and collaborative evaluation, Account Sense recommended restructuring Greenwork's financial management. Currently, the team provides comprehensive bookkeeping, payroll management, taxes, and monthly financial reports. They also contribute to budgeting and financial projections—all while acting as a sounding board for strategic decisions. Above all, Account Sense excels at understanding the nuances of the landscaping industry and customizing its approach to address Manny's specific business needs.

"Account Sense continually aligns with our organizational goals and vision. Their attention to detail is superb. In accounting, I feel like there is no room for error."

the results

Since enlisting the help of Account Sense, Greenworks Landscaping has experienced exponential growth, attributable in no small part to the enhanced understanding and managing of its financial operations.

Key outcomes of the collaboration have been:

  • Enhanced Financial Clarity: Manny can now access current, user-friendly financial reports, facilitating increased transparency into Greenworks's operations.
  • Substantial Business Growth: Since partnering with Account Sense, Greenworks has successfully scaled its operations to meet the demands of tremendous growth.
  • Bank Loan Acquisition: Greenworks has acquired a piece of land with definitive plans for future development. Greenworks knows they can count on Account Sense to play a pivotal role in securing lending by providing expert guidance and furnishing meticulous financial records required by the lending institution.